Aquarius Water Technologies
Aquarius Water is light years ahead of other oxygenated water technologies. It is a micro-hydrant with a smaller water molecule.

Latest research has shown one of the major causes of disease is lack of hydration. Aquarius Water's pH is calibrated perfectly to alkalinize the body's pH to an optimal 7.7. Suspended in the water is crystallized oxygen which is stabilized as a result of 35 years of research by a renowned German bio-physicist. Unlike many other oxygenated waters which disperse as soon as you open the lid, Aquarius Water maintains its integrity. Reverse osmosis or distilled water (often referred to as dead water) lacks vital minerals, thus leaching the minerals out of the body. Aquarius Water is alive, containing all the important minerals in the proper molecular forms and balances, including mono-atomic minerals that the body needs.

There are many forms of oxygen currently on the market, unfortunately, most are made chemically. These forms of oxygen can have positive short term effects, yet over time act as a burner killing necessary good bacteria and oxidizing the body's own cells. The oxygen in Aquarius Water is all NATURAL enhancing the good bacteria and helping cells to repair and regenerate. OXYGEN is the highest systemic antibiotic one can get. Most of the harmful pathogens, bacteria and virus are anaerobic. Even the cancer cell is anaerobic. Research by top scientists including Otto Warburg, triple Nobel Prize Laureate, has proven that maintaining the body's proper pH and increasing the blood oxygen is the quickest way to reverse disease and increase health, longevity and well being. The best test is in the body. Check your own body pH and oxygen levels with a saliva pH testing kit and a blood oxymeter (which you can find at your doctor's office or mountain climbing supply stores). Drink the water, wait a few minutes and then test again.

The results are delightfully shocking. It does not take a brain surgeon to know the effects of increasing the oxygen to the brain, heart, lungs and other organs of the body. Increased oxygen in the body enhances sugar and fat metabolism into energy, dramatically increases brain function, and assists in vital detoxification processes. Any athlete knows the benefits of oxygen for increased stamina and overall performance. Try it for yourself and be amazed! For more information about Aquarius Water and other oxygen therapies go to,