About SMEI
The Self Mastery Earth Institute is located at the base of Majestic MT Adams with the White Salmon River as its Eastern boarder. The Sanctuary is well known by Sensitives and adepts for its spiritual energies that enhance and accelerate the awakening and healing process. It is one of many sacred power spots, a vortex where the veils between worlds are very thin. Access to higher planes and dimensions comes easy at the Sanctuary.

The Self Mastery Earth Institute is a Gnostic School of Wisdom. It is a blend of East and West where Science and Spirit come together in dedication to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth. We are eclectic in nature transcending all religious and cultural barriers. We live by the Universal Principles and Understandings necessary for a healthy society and environment. Principles like Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity, Equality and a strong reverence for life honoring the Creator within all Creation.

The devolution of society with an escalation of war, crime, disease, poverty, the pollution and destruction of the environment along with epidemic greed are all byproducts of living outside of these universal principles. Now more than ever is the time for these Universal Principles and Understandings to resurface and be walked with impeccable integrity within all institutions, religious, business and political if we are to continue as a civilization and take the upward spiral of evolution.

We honor the divine right to free will and self determination and believe each individual has their own unique purpose for incarnating on Earth. It is the responsibility of each individual to make their own personal God, Spirit, Creator connection and fulfill their own unique purpose. We can only offer understandings, tools and techniques to help those who choose on their path to self awareness.

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