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"Skeptics and Naysayers dismiss what they have not risen to the level to see. Armchair investigators cast opinions from afar, condemnation without investigaton is the height of ignorance."
Albert Einstein


There have literally been thousands of eyewitnesses some of which include pilots, air traffic controllers, Air Force Base Commanders, alphabet agencies, multiple Boeing Engineers, forest rangers, police, tribal police and people from all walks of life who have come to the ranch and observed the UFOs. Becoming a full time job to document all the eyewitnesses especially during conferences where there are up to 300 at a time we felt is best to cut off the documentation and invite people to come and have their own experience. Here are some of the older reports and there are multiple Boeing engineers who have testified on the Art Bell interview on Coast to Coast,

Recent UFO Eyewittness Testimonials at the ECETI Ranch

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ECETI Testimony No. III: 2008 Science, Spirit & World Transformation Conference


Can't thank you enough for putting your conference together. The tone and people there are just a bit different than at any expo or event I have attended. All is quiet, friendly and relaxed but there is certainly a charge felt. The speakers get out with the masses and relate to the attendees. Great speakers and messages.

The big ship powering up on Friday night was awesome. I was in the center of the group holding hands. We all reacted. We Ooo'd and Aww'd. Then it felt as though we all just stopped. We froze. We giggled. We just halted. Maybe we didn't, but I came away feeling that it stopped us in our tracks, and for many seconds. Maybe it just stopped me. The light was a marvelous, clear, deep, gorgeous blue, into the turquoise color. Like a light-jewel. So crystal clear and strong. Only later on, when I asked others if they saw the blue light, did I realize that no one I asked saw blue. All that I asked saw white. But those I spoke to were amazed.

Over the next several days, I was in a zone of some sort. Needed to sleep. Didn't want to associate with some of my old habits and concerns. That remains to this day. I cannot muster energy to give to them.

Mary G.

Past Eyewittness Testimonials

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